Social Responsibilities

As part of our social responsibilities, Agagia Hunting Namibia supports the Shalom Education Centre.

About Shalom Education Centre

Pre-school education of the holistic rural child for school readiness as well as the growth of the child, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

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The cultivating of human potential and dignity as early as possible is crucial to the survival of our people/children in Namibia. Empowering people, the rural child, to obtain optimal mental well-being and quality of life.
Company Overview Shalom Kindergarten were established July 2008 by Maria Nangombe and the local church community (Ngatuuane Centre) situated on Farm Agagia 307 in the Okahandja District. March 2010 the school almost closed with 2 children left. The community (parents and farmers), me, Carin Neethling and Jeanette Pienaar (Retired First grade teacher), decided on 8th May 2010 to get this School not just up and running but sustainable! 
Pre-Schooling for our kids are major important to see them through Primary, Secondary School and life after School. We now have 22 children in School and boarding Mondays - Thursdays. This kids are extremely proud and we all, parents, Teacher's, Caretaker and farmer's are working together to give this great opportunity to them! We thank God for all this. 


Our PURPOSE is to be well established with a supported curriculum, motivated management and personnel and a clearly defined yearly plan.

Role of Project:

Because of the fact that Namibia is a developing country it is necessary that we need a string and fair community that will enhance democracy and development. We see our role as a bottom-up and community-driven process. It is necessary that the community understand the need to support and address the needs, illness and shortfall. By making available on request, experience, relevant technology - personnel, funding, training facilities and lobbying.

This ECD project will actively work with the community to achieve the highest possible level of mental health for all by: ENABLING people to participate in identifying community needs and responding appropriately specially for the rural child.

  • DEVELOPING equal, educational and caring services for children having difficulty coping with everyday situations.
  • CREATING public awareness of the education needs and up-bringing of children.
  • STRIVING for the recognition and protection of rural children.

We exist in order to provide belonging for those who need to belong. Care for those who need to be cared for, Incentive for those who need incentives and achievement for those who need to achieve.

Role of Target Group:

A democratic approach is followed to ensure that ownership of the process belongs to the consumers. the parents of the children. We want to create an active self-care community, which accept and influence their own destiny. It is in the first place that the parents have the responsibility to care and educate their children. So the following is the acts of the parents:

  • To give security/ love to their children
  • To give position to their children
  • To give worthiness to their children
  • To build the character of their children with moral and value standard.

General Information

This early childhood development project is functioning under Ngatuuane Centre, under NG Church Okahandja. This project also exist out of representative parent and farmer committee. This committee will ensure sustainability, ownership and proper management of the project. The employers (farmers) as well as employees (parents) will be involved by this project.

We will continue to deliver services on the principles as described in our role. We have experienced in the past the fulfillment through our services and involvement with children.

Therefore we can enhanced and promote that donors through us are being part of something that is one of the most personal fulfilling and meaningful enterprises.