Jere Neff

Dear Carin and Tielman

Thank you both for a wonderful time in Africa.

My hunt was planned as once in a lifetime trip for my 50th birthday but I already find myself dreaming of a return trip to Agagia someday maybe with my wife or sons. The hunting was awesome and I was very pleased with the quantity and quality of the animals on your ranch.

Although the weather didn't cooperate I was able to harvest my top five animals, two with my bow and three with a rifle. Thank you for being flexible and letting me switch between bow and rifle. While I planned to bow hunt only, it was great fun and very exciting to pickup the rifle for stalks on a zebra and black wildebeest within a hours time. That was my best morning hunting ever!!! Then with time running down on my last hours of my last day to harvest my most prized animal - the Oryx - was a thrill I won't forget.

  • Loved the FOOD
  • Loved the CARE by the staff
  • Loved the BUNGALOW

P.S. Everyone here at home loves my stories and pictures.Also, Carin, everyone loves the gifts you helped me purchase!!

Ken and Amy Hansen

Dear Tielman and Carin,

Thank you both for your hospitality.  We would like to return to hunt next year for a longer duration.

Take care!

Ken and Amy Hansen

Sean and Grey Mello

Dear Tielman, Carin and Michael,

The staff, facilities and PH’s are all top notch. I would not change a thing. Good luck to you and your families in the future, and we hope to male it out again someday .We will definitely pass you name along to fellow hunters.

Thanks again, Sean and Grey Mello

Gasta Holguin Minambres

Agagia is a spectacular place bowhunting.

The animal density is stunning and the farm consists of three ned farms, with a total extension of 15,000 hectares. You can see animals continually in all the hides. Oryx Redhardebeest and warthogs are the most abundant. Blue wildebeest density is very high and there are many black wildebeest, kudu, impala, duiker and Steenbuk, Jackals, Eland, Zebra, Giraffe and Sable. The hunting paradise !!

I have hunted these animals in 8 days and could also kill Eland, Impala, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Giraffe, Sable and many Oryx, Redhardebeest and warthogs.The Stenbock that I've hunted, it is the second largest bowhunting in Namibia and is included in the listof Top Ten Napha asociciacion. 

An impressive trophy!I thank Carin and Thielman for these wonderful days. We return again to Agagia